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Why do you guys do this to me? We're going to end up back in that prison one way or another.

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Commanded by Ultizeta.

I have three questions:

1. Can someone please flip the computer right-side-up again?
2. Can someone please time travel us back to the cell so we can get back to the story?
3. Should I let guests make commands anymore?

The reason I ask #3 is because it's hard to tell if all the guests are really individuals. I don't want to be unfair to the SJ members who would only get one command. And to be frank, a SJ account is free, so it's not like I'd really be excluding anyone. Let me know what you think!

We left off HE RE. Submit your commands below!

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>Go back to five seconds after you got rid of the cell door, but bring the dab with you. You might need it.
Flip the screen to the left and then to the left again.
>Put a chunk of the wall in your inventory. 'Cause, why not?
>Steal Tozzy's clothes and use them as a disguise to sneak into the castle and retrieve your stuff.
>Ask Dennis where they would keep your things. He should know being a castle guard and all.
>Attempt to retrieve your things. You probably won't get far without them.
Stop you past self from doing what got you in jail by time traveling
I made an account!
@Vitamin D Dog: Glad to have you onboard!

@Ironcool: That's not how time traveling quite works in CoO. Think of time travel as a fast-forward or rewind button in a remote. Cliff inhabits the same body so there would not be more than one Cliff at a time. Make sense?
>For gods sakes, put the computer right-side-up! It's hard to read upside-down text you know! Especially when you're a crab!
>Realize that your worst fear has come true and you've lost all of your friends, and consequently freak out about it.
>If you've gotten back your stuff, go to the throne room to beat up the king! Otherwise, just punch the nearest living being.
Dress up as a guard using your costume powers.

EDIT: Darn auto correct.
>Time travel back to your cell. We can't stop the future, since you already did the crime.
>Punch Tozzy in face to assert dominance.
>Rip off Tozzy's arm and shove it down his throat. Because WHY NOT? It's totally the best course of action, just DO IT!
As for the guest thing, i think that accounts should be the only one to be able to make commands. It's to easy to be able to give commands as a guest, i think i may have done it in the past when i was to lazy to log in.
Find a cake that has a file, NRG drink, teleporter, rocket launcher, cell phone and drill in it. Give the drink to Tozzy so he gets a heart attack and use the file on the barred windows so you have a weapon.
I'd like to state my stance on the guest thing. I think that guests should be allowed to make commands, but there should be a limit to how many guest commands can be made each time. Such as...I dunno, 5 or something? Or maybe make it so that 1 guest command only will be allowed every 12 hours, or something like that. Some people, like I formerly was, are just too lazy to make accounts or log in, and I don't think it's fair to exclude them just because of that. Limit them, yes, but not exclude them.
Guest commands As for my opinion on the guests, I believe they should just get accounts anyway. If anyone has a good reason as to not get an account, I'd like to hear it. Otherwise, guest commands shouldn't be allowed in my opinion. I honestly should have gotten an account earlier (even though the smiley thing was entertaining to write), and I'd suggest that everyone would do the same.
The update will be coming next Wednesday!
Can any one tell me how to get an account?

Okay, I've signed in but what ammo supposed to do now to make me not register as a guest?
Also how do i get an avatar? (Optional)
@Yoskichu: Make sure you sign in. Then you edit your profile by clicking on your username up top.
Name changed for stupid reasons.
I'll still be referring to myself as Yoskichu though.
Just pretend it hasn't changed.
My name also changed for stupid reasons.
(It used to have no spaces)
get your items back than
go home and think of a way to fix this
Sorry everyone. I know I've been a flake about updating. With my new job and my getting married I've just been exhausted, and I haven't really found the determination to update Cup of Olea. I know we just got back from a hiatus, but I'm sorry. I just need time to process and figure things out and let my busy life play out. I hope you guys aren't mad.
@MasterComic: I'm super mad that you have a great life and you don't spend every waking moment making a comic for a bunch of random internet strangers.

Take as much time as you need, its a big deal getting married and having a new job.
Sholy hit, you're back! Dear ducking god, you've been back for a whole... multiple months. This comic had me in tears from laughter many times in the past. I'm so glad you're at least somewhat returned.

I remember checking pretty regularly for your return for a while, but I dropped off only a short time before you started again, apparently :l

In any case, congrats on the job and marriage; I may be an Internet stranger and anonymous guest, but I'm glad for you! In terms of commanding, I would make an account to command, so it's up to you.

Just to let you know, thank you very much for making this wonderful series. This comic used to give, and now continues to give me pure unadulterated joy whenever I see it update. I just want you to know that.

With that said, guest user "The guest with no name," signing off.
We'll always be here! Don't be worried about updating Cup of Olea too often, getting married and stuff is more important than a silly webcomic.
Have it your way, I got an account.
And my first command that isn't a guests,
>punch tozzy in the face for no reason whatsoever.
So, just another command with him.
Hello darkness my old friend So... Anyone still around? I'll be patient for the update.
Just remembered that this comic exists the other day and realized that it hasn't updated since... woah, January? D=

Hoping you get back to it eventually but will honestly understand if you don't. Life is hectic.
Randomly eat a chicken drumstick.
Hey! It's been a long time and I doubt anyone will read this, but it's weird looking back at the memories of when I would read this comic as a kid and laugh at the dumb, random jokes that this comic had to offer. It was a small, fun community that I enjoyed being a part of and now even if I would cringe at myself back then, I'm happy that I was a part of this as long as it lasted. My life's moved a long a lot so far, and someone else probably was the same as me. Thank you MasterComic for making Cup of Olea, as bizarre as the story was. This inspired great creativity and art in my younger mind at the time, so I just wanted to say again... Thank you!
@:-): Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! You might want to keep an eye out - Cup of Olea may be making a comeback sooner than you think. ;)
Ask the Time gods if they had a hand in creating Ramla!
A dead pigeon plummits through the window of the cell. A letter in the pigeon's mouth files at Cliff, opens and says "You will freeze for the death and mockery of my children." Signed "K.D."
>please come back :c
@Guest Same.
Remember this gag I ran? I'll run it again if this thing ever reboots. Anyway guys, when he said the update would be coming out "next Wednesday" he meant it would be coming out on the Wednesday 945 days from then. All jokes aside, it would be pretty fun to see this thing come back even though it's been a couple years. Maybe I'll comment in another 10 months if it hasn't booted back up, who knows. Hope you enjoy your married life or whatever's going on for you, MasterComic.

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