Comics - >Honestly, raining illegal golden apples or not, turning into a duck seems like a good idea. The guards would never expect it! - Cup of Olea

Got any grapes? (Is this joke old yet?)

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Commanded by I'm here for the comics.

Gave you guys two weeks to make a command. Here's the update!

The winner of the cameo drawing is... Light and Shadow! If you want, I can use your current avatar as the cameo, or you can tell me what you prefer.

Submit your commands below! We left off HERE!

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The character sheet says Cliff can travel backwards or forwards in time, so...

>Use your Time Travel God Power to go backwards in time before you went on your date.
>Use your pyro-vision to destroy the door.

@MasterComic: According to my own personal continuity, my avatar(and subsequently name) is a cross-universal world hopper but his appearance is based on whatever the most common species is in the current universe. TL;DR, How about a human who happens to speak to his inner evil half every so often?
Use your time travel power to travel back into the cell.
> 'Cmon, Cliff, let's be sensible. Check your inventory, your stats. What do you have? What can you do?
I fixed page 1367. battering-ram/

Check it out!

EDIT: I also updated the character page to include Dennis.
>If all else fails, see if you can get Tozzy to push you out the window in Duck form.
>Bite Tozzy's Leg because why not.
>Make a plan of action with the other prisoners for after you all escape through frantic quacking. First order of business should be getting revenge on the king.
>Quick travel into the armory.
Assuming you're at the armory:
>Buy some solid gold armor.
If not:
>Flail your arms like you've never flailed before.
@VitaminDDog: Gold is a weak material and bends easily.
>Depending on what the current situation calls for (as I don't even know how to interpret these commands), either say something intelligent, or something unintelligible.
I know.
>Remember Command 1052, and also add the two countries Nosotrospectrum and Recyicicleglutamate, the seas of Syntaxylidin, Inductozonous, and Photofflineinexorable, and add Castle Forterra, Factory Ulwehn, The Green House, juust in case.
>Stop being a duck. Being a duck is stupid.
>Reload your previous save.
>Activate a Noclip cheat and just walk through the door.
.ɹoɟ evil oʇ gnihtyna ǝʌɐɥ regnol ou uoy ǝɔuᴉs edicius ʇᴉɯɯoƆ<
>Lick the door.
>Scream like a lunatic and run around in circles.
I've been noticing a lot of guest accounts here lately. All you guests, if I may, I suggest you sign up for a Smackjeeves profile!

Not only will it help me (you can do something called "Favoriting" my comic, which makes me feel good and makes me want to update more), but you can see when my comic gets updated, and read other cool comics (none of them are as cool as mine, though).

Most of the guest names you are using would probably work great as usernames, especially Cliff-lover-hes-so-hot-4000. Maybe give it a try and see if you like our community!
>Rip off your left arm to use as a weapon in case of emergency.
>Have a flashback to page 1159 and decide that if you get a shovel you should do that to the king once you escape.
@:-): Wait, aren't your Kareno?
No, but since he's no longer using a guest account I decided to use that instead of what I was using before.
@:-): Let the legacy live on!
I have a SJ account, and I've favourited your comic, however I can't be bothered to login.
Turn the computer that you are running Cup Of Olea on upside down thus reversing gravity, remembering Command 732.
The Legacy of :-) will live on FOREVER!!!
>Got any grapes?
Commands are closed!
You relish you wold still end up in jail and go far back in time and stop your self Crome doing evil nothing could go wrong could it ?
@Ironcool: ...Come again?
Dang it auto correct

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