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I tried to pace the video so that it's easy to read along to, but if it's too fast, feel free to pause the video and catch up.

Also, I put the next page here in the comments to keep people from being spoiled. I will put it up as an actual page next update.


Hey guys! I kind of disappeared huh? Well, hopefully this update is enough to satisfy you, and I hope it was worth the wait.

So my fiance and I ordered Save The Dates and Invites to the wedding and we made our registry. Next step: getting a passport for the honeymoon. I also really need a job. I didn't think it would be this hard for a college graduate to get a job...

Despite me deleting the page it's on, my cover page contest is still in effect. If you don't remember the rules, they are right here: I'm still offering cool prizes to anyone that participates, as long as it fits the guidelines. The site redesign is coming soon, so hurry and submit!

Also, OVER 100 FANS! That means a cameo is coming up! Any Smackjeeves user that submits a command on the next page is eligible to become a cameo (besides previous cameos). I design the cameo based off of the user avatar, so make sure you change it to look how you want.

Submit your commands below! We left off on the previous page, so I'm not linking it.

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Wow... what a plot twist!

>Look out the cell's window.
I suspected Cliff had been in touch with the cup, but this? Not sure I believe the king.

> Talk with other prisoners
>Save your game in case something goes horribly wrong soon

Or, well, wrong-er, as the case may be
Ohh, that aint good.

Also good luck on finding a job! If you dont mind me asking, what field are you in?
EDIT: Whoops
>have the other prisoners use you as a battering ram. Your thick headed after all.
@Riskfan: I'm a graphic designer. So far I've been looking for interim jobs until my graphic design career takes off, but no luck so far.

Also, you might want to read that latest page one more time. That command won't work. ;)
@MasterComic: Hey, when the ask for a resume, show them this comic as your graphic design skills. (:

Also, unless im mistaken, thats Mr.T Rodwell, and someone else in with us, correct?
@Riskfan: Yes, 100% correct! You might remember that third person from d-sout-this-uniform-is-unaccetable-unaccebtaaabbbleee-7-years-duneon-no-trial
>Assert your position as the "Tough Guy" by beating up Mr. T.
I knew my patience would pay off.
>Pray to the bacon and cat gods for a way to escape.
Guys, he said to post commands on the previous page XD
:| Not sure where you got that idea.

"Submit your commands below! We left off on the previous page, so I'm not linking it."
@MasterComic: Not able to log right now, but whoops. I misread that.
>Honestly, raining illegal golden apples or not, turning into a duck seems like a good idea. The guards would never expect it!
>go onto thé fetal position and cry
>Look for objects that you could use as weaponry. Who wouldn't want to stab a guard?
>Contemplate murdering everyone in the cell with your bare hands to blow off some steam.
>Attempt to bash the door open WITH YOUR BARE HANDS LIKE A TOTAL BADASS!
>Come up with an elaborate and overly complicated plan to murder every single person who betrayed you. Brutally.
>Break everything in sight, and scream a little! And maybe do a evil laugh while you are at it!
Good god. This comment stream went from casually commanding raining apples to about five different calls for brutal murder...
@I'm here for the comics.: typical day in cliffs (or should i say zarrus) head.
Summon youself back home to your house
I'm assuming you're in a prison right now so get out your phone and call a lawyer.
If you're not in jail dance like a bawuss.
I know I missed commands but I just gotta say WHAT THE FRICK I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING

What an awesome plot twist!
@Nashew: Go ahead and post a command. I decided to wait one more week so everyone can see my update. :)
About time. Smiley man here. I'm gonna use this account from now on. I didn't go into a coma or fall off a cliff, I'm just not gonna go as a guest anymore.
@Kareno: Whoa! This is kinda surreal.
Now commands are closed!

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