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I don't think Lilly would have said yes, anyway.

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Commanded by :-).

Hey guys! I've had a crazy week. I was using a box cutter and accidentally sliced my leg and had to go to Urgent Care.

It didn't even hurt, which was weird, considering there was blood everywhere. Like not even kidding. On the carpet, on the tile, on the box cutter, Anyway, I'm fine. 3 stitches, and now back with an update!

This is the end of this chapter. Next, we will check in with the King and our group and see what happens next!

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to say, there will be no commands this round. But go ahead and post below about a date you've had that was good or bad. Or about a time you hurt yourself like I did. Or just write "HURGLE BURGLE BLARG!" I won't tell you how to live your life.

We left off HERE!

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My bad /:

One time i was walking out my door and rolled my ankle.
Also, take as much time as you need to recover, we have waited before, we will wait agian.
@Riskfan: sorry, I forgot to mention. No commands this time. See the author post.
@Riskfan: No worries! I was the one who forgot to say.

@Ultizeta: For the most part. Maybe except for eating like a pig.

@Light and Shadow: The doctor said I didn't slice deep enough to damage anything at all. Just deep enough to make a mess and need stitches. They were actually the first stitches I've gotten in my whole life.
@MasterComic: Yeah, it went well.


@Therater2: I'm pretty sure we did burn the place down the second time...

I'd say that went well.
Yeah you don't really feel the pain. I sliced my wrist on a box cutter at work last month but still no pain. There's not even a scar remaining.
@dutchguy1986: He DID say to.
I died once, that hurt a little

I got better though
I lost my nose last command. Does that count? No, but really, I dropped a full, large can of dog food on my foot once. I was asking for the gods to strike me down. They gave me no answer.


I spilled a cup of Ramen Noodles once and burned my butt, does that count?

Also HURGLE BURG- ...nah, that's been done to death.
>It is now raining invisible sculpted gold apples (which are illegal to touch in olea, showing a good example of stupid laws and the destruction of many innocent lives) for 120 hours. You (and many other innocent people you barely know) are not going to have a good time.
>Honestly, raining illegal golden apples or not, turning into a duck seems like a good idea. The guards would never expect it!

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