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Dang it. Should have ordered the Gholish Buffalo Wings.

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Commanded by I R FAIL!

Hey guys! Hope your week is going great. I have a few announcements.

WEDDING: I will be married on April 22, 2017. By that time, there will be a MissusComic. Also, we booked our honeymoon! We're going to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Speaking of which, I really need to find a job, so I can pay for this stuff.

COMIC: We're almost at the end of this dating arc! We'll get to find out what's going on with the Cup!

Also, we're at 95 fans for Cup of Olea. When we get to 100, I will select another cameo! So share my comic so we can get to 100!

Lastly, I've been cooking something up for you guys in honor of the month of October. I'll post it in the coming weeks.

Submit your commands below! We left off HER E!

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>Taxi and Zigzagoon: Finally start working on the Orange Sunshine Cake, and hope Dabbert doesn't mess it up somehow.
@Therater2: Zigzagoom? Is there ANOTHER new porcupine??
@Nekotive: Please no
@Therater2: Took the words right out of my mouth. Or however that works in text-based communication.
>Order one of everything for Dabbert.
>Switch that painting of Crash Bandicoot on the wall with a painting of Spyro the Dragon
Try putting a candle in your inventory again after extinguishing it this time.
Put the candle back on the table. Cant get arrested for stealing you know.

Also a big congrats to the both of you, Master and Missus Comic
@Riskfan: Thanks Riskfan! Still got a long wait, though.

@Nekotive: Oh f-- Nevermind. Therater2 fixed his spelling.

@Light and Shadow: Hey, now two people have figured it out!

@I'm here for the comics.: I know right? It's horrible. Might be because of the page count...
>Zigzagoon: Eat all the flowers to grow in strength. Taxi: Think of a good drink to go with the dessert
I just realized "La Salle De Bains" (the restaurant's name) translates to "The Bathroom".

>Remember to get an industrial strength, steel umbrella at Hal's before taking Lilly home.
Goodness, only 95? You should have a lot more, to be fair.

>Eat all the remaining food in one bite. It shows how manly you are. Apparently that works on women. Or something.
Switch the painting of Crash with megaman .exe
>you should probably eat your food but idk
>A few rainbow umbrellas join the rain of computer fans, weights, and model pirate ships.
>Ask Lilly if she will marry you
Burn the stupid megaman.exe painting!
Nobody cares about megaman classic! they?
@Yoskichu: Because last time we played with fire, it turned out fiiiiiine
>Smash your face into the food and eat it like a pig. A PIG!
Commands are closed!
why do people insist on trying to ruin this date tho
@Lazy Nekotive: Jealous they can't get one themselves? (ohhhhhhh)

Anyway, no update this week. I'll come back next week though!
@MasterComic: Okay this is getting ridiculous after 1340 comics I can understand missing one or two updates but this many ugh. You're acting like your personal life is more important than spending hours on making something that'll entertain a bunch of strangers for like 5 minutes.
@dutchguy1986: Seriously. Hopefully I'll be able to get my priorities straight soon. :P

For real though, I've been putting some time into Cup of Olea's website. Take a look at the archive page!
I can't help but wonder what's going on with the Cup. It's not that I don't trust the king, but... I don't trust the king.
@Lazy Nekotive: You're not the only one.

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