Comics - >Unless she was somehow impressed by the previous two commands, realize you screwed up and undo the last two commands by loading your previous save. - Cup of Olea

Yeah, I'd say you screwed up. But hey, at least we know what to order for Lilly!

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Commanded by Nekotive.

Character Page and Summons page are up! ALL WEBSITE PAGES ARE NOW WORKING WOO

Okay, so the next item on my list is to add summaries to every chapter of Cup of Olea in the Archive. This way new readers won't have to read 1300 pages unless they want to.


Submit your commands below! We left off HERE!

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>Sign a blood pact with the waiter. Then proceed to order for yourself and Lilliona.
>Just continue with dinner as normal like that never happened.
@ThatOneEnderMan: I mean, we loaded the save, so it didn't happen. Technically.

Hey, since Taxi was last seen in a grocery store...
>Taxi: Waltz with potatoes, up and down the produce isle.
@Nashew: Technically, you're right. It didn't happen. But for some reason Cliff may retain memories from events that didn't happen due to saves I.E. he can remember that Lilly wants Filet Mignon.

@Light and Shadow: Having the charisma of a porcupine is very hard to attain! If you know someone that charismatic, good for them!

@Master_72: You know, you're right. He's not in there at all. I'll have to fix that.
>Impress Lilliona with Morse Code
After looking at the character page I will no longer call someone handsome or beautiful. I will now just say "He/She has all the charisma of a level 2 porcupine."

>Ask the waiter if there is a dessert built for two on the menu.
Order the file mignon for Lily as well something to eat for yourself. Don't forget the wine
Taxi and Zazoom: while you're at the store buy some sour gummy worms for cliff
tell lily a joke.
*Check *Pet
*Unhug ♡Flirt
>Dabbert: Since no one ever remembers you, buy pickles to secretly put in the cake.
> I don't know. I think you need to check for traps again. Just because you didn't find any the last time doesn't mean there aren't any.
Yo Past me, Where's Pepsi in the characters page?
Are commands still open? If so:

>Compliment Lilly on something really small and unimportant that most people wouldn't notice.

If not, disregard that.
Could you add Dabbert to the character page?
@Guest and @Nekotive:
Add to Character List:
Sheridan "Pepsi" Olea
Oh, also maybe Umbreon
>show Lilliana you can tie your shoes
Command> order a salad
Sorry for no update yesterday. I recently got engaged and had to look at some wedding venues with the fiance. Expect an update next Wednesday though!
@MasterComic: Congrats, man! He/she is very lucky!
@Nekotive: She is the Mittenshark to my Zazoom
@MasterComic: But does she have the charisma of a level 2 porcupine?
@dutchguy1986: to me she does! To others, maybe not.

@VitaminDDog: I'll get on it! There are a lot of characters in CoO, so I'm bound to miss a few.
@MasterComic: ohey, I don't think you ever closed commands
@Lazy Nekotive: On that note, commands are closed!
Don't worry about it, your fiancée is a LITTLE more important than your comic, not much though
This is not a command but on page 1001 a blood pact was made with Kirby and picachu
@dutchguy1986: Only a little, though. :P

@Ironcool: Thank you! I was wondering why they were on my list. I couldn't find the page where we made a blood pact.
I'm not seeing Dabbert, Umbreon, or Pepsi on the character page...
Sorry guys, one more week until an update. I just booked a wedding venue yesterday so my hands have been full.

On the other hand, I added Pepsi, Umbreon, Dabbert, and Waiter to the Character Page! I've also updated the Summons Page.
@MasterComic: Hm, those characters aren't showing up for me on the page. Odd.
@Therater2: they're in there! The top portion is reserved for party members, while the bottom portion is reserved for, well, everyone else.
@MasterComic: I see now.
@MasterComic: Ah its fine. We've waited months for a update before, and a wedding is a big deal. Also congrats.
Accuse Lillionna of being a hobo from seven hundred years in the future and scream in her face like a lunatic afterwards.
Time travel forwards 1 second in time.

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