Comics - >If we have miraculously managed to get to the date, start feeling awkward. If we are not at the date, moonwalk in the general direction of the next major plot point. - Cup of Olea

Plus, no one likes waiting around for their date.

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Commanded by I'm here for the comics.

Late update! Life got in my way a little bit.

So I read through my entire comic. I fixed continuity errors, responded to every comment, made every gif loop, and got rid of typos! I also kept track of our inventory. Now, we have the inventory feature below! This will help you guys know what we do and don't have at our disposal.

I'm working on the summons, characters, and other such pages next.

If you haven't yet, take this poll to decide how we answer questions on the date!

And also take this poll below to decide who levels up!

We left off HE RE!

User Comments

>Taxi and Zigzagoon leave Cliff to his date and go on a fantastical side quest to the local grocery store.
>Eat your Holy Muffin to gain holy powers to impress Lillionna with.
>Look up "How to impress a knight on your first date" on your 3DS XL
>Don a Fedora and proclaim how much of a nice guy you are. Then show off your loot.
I don't even remember half these items.

>Save in case this date goes sour. You can never be too careful.
@Nashew: Sour, like with the sour gummy worms?
Go inside, no point in waiting in the rain.
Put on a dashing smile.
>Summon Zigzagoon and have her grow a Gracidea flower to give to your lovely date. After, unsummon her and let her return to her quest.
See if you can wear robot mode taxi as an epic robot suit exoskeleton
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