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It's okay, we'll figure out where Rider is eventually.

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Commanded by a guest!

Well here it is! Sorry I updated late. Better late than never, though.

I'm excited! We have a date with Lillionna coming up! I wonder what will happen! Anyway, Lilly is gonna have some questions for you, just like the date with Katelynn. Determine how Cliff responds to Lilly's questions in this poll below!

Also, we're getting close to page 1300! Determine who will level up in this poll below!

Submit your commands below! We left off HERE!

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>Learn how to speak spider language and invite the tiny wall spider to join your party.
Keep in mind guys, sunset will be page 1300, so you may want to command Cliff to get going.
>Start to go to the meeting point and then immediately forget where you were going.
Put on a nice suit for your date.
>It starts raining as you begin to get moving.
Try asking the king for a loan so you can pay for food and stuff
>Start running! Hopefully in the direction you're supposed to!
>Go outside, there probably will be something cool awaiting there. Then again, probably not! Who knows!
>Sign a blood pact with Zigzagoon, then change into Sheogorath's robes from Oblivion. Gotta look extra fancy for the date!
Kill the dab, summon it, then go buy a time machine from the lazer store.
>If we have miraculously managed to get to the date, start feeling awkward. If we are not at the date, moonwalk in the general direction of the next major plot point.
I have a strange question for you guys. I'm wondering if I should make a FAQ page for Cup of Olea. I can think of a few questions such as: "How do your pronounce Olea?", "What is Lunar Hill?" and so on and so forth, but I need more to make a full page about it. Can you guys think of any good questions?
@MasterComic: I don't really know what to add for a FAQ page, but I feel like a bio page, inventory page, and/or summon list would be more important.
Regarding the FAQ @MasterComic: Maybe something like "What kinds of commands can I give?" Then you can respond with something crazy and over the top as an example.
@MasterComic: That said, I do have a question you can add: "Zaloom is the best!"
What inspired you to make a coya comic?
Got any tips for people who want to make their own?
How much do you plan ahead and how much is just you rolling with commands?'
Why a pixel comic?
If you have levels why not also include hp/mp?
Why restrict leveling up to every 100 comics/commands?
Commands are closed!

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