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Don't worry! We're nearly finished with our main quest!

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Commanded by guesty.

Hey guys! Happy surprise Sunday update! For three of the pages I uploaded, I included Youtube videos. These pages are text-heavy, so I thought you guys would like to be able to pause the gif so you can read the whole thing. :)

Anyway, woo-hoo! We finally have the Cup of Olea! Now all we need to do is take it to the King! I'M SO EXCITED GIVE ME SOME FAN ART I MEAN OH YEAH.

Sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Submit your commands below! We left off HERE!

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>Get on taxi to taxi to the king, and then fart.
>Cliff: Ask for a group hug.
>dress like pelvis resley for the epic disco powers for 2 days and remember to finish your webcomic on smackjeeves btw i mean cliff and swiftly grab the cup of olea
@supahswag: I recommend you read the alt text on the page you commanded.
@MasterComic: thx i thought it was weird when they didn't speak
>Make a mental note to find out where this "Rider" from Taxi's past lives and get some revenge on him while giving Taxi closure!
Hop around on only one foot for the next ten commands
@bill33: Zarrus isn't dead and he's being brought to the King as a prisoner.
>Ask Katelynn if she has any gloves to hold the Cup with
Get a C support with Pepsi
>Trip and fall down the mountain because you're still hopping on one foot
>Absolutely mangle the plot because the guy you killed was actually Cliff from the future.
@Flamessnake: He's right. Pepsi said that he's barely alive. Katelynn is keeping him alive until we can deliver him to the King.
@Flamessnake: Just because they have to keep him alive doesn't mean you can't torture him for information and-WHOA that got dark. Just ignore this.
>It's time for a montage of the main quest. But a really fast montage.
>It's not too late to be Epic! Trow your bloody leg at the old man!
Too lazy to do my normal ':-) [Whatever I put here] thing, so I'm just going as Smile Man for a while >Play truth or dare while waiting to get back.
Commands are closed!
@bill33: I didn't notice until your comment but it looks like it's evolving among the different classic styles like older 8-bit RPGs and more current "retro" styles (I have a game on my computer that evolves from the original RPG style through to 3D style so I know what I'm talking about with this one). Pretty soon we'll look like a GBA game.
Let's pass the time! Umm... 99 bottles of b-(SODA!) on the wall...
98 bottles of odd colored water on the wall
98 bottles of odd colored water
take one down, pass it around
97 bottles of odd colored water on the wall
97 bottles of orange juice (?) on the wall. Take one down, 96 bottles of orange juice on the wall!
LOL! Can we just keep using different liquids without repeating?

96 bottles of lemonade on the wall. Take one down, pass it around, 95 bottles of lemonade on the wall!
94 bottles of apple cider on the wall
94 bottles of apple cider
take one down, pass it around
93 bottles of apple cider on the wall
92 bottles of melted saffron on the wall..

can we do another game pleease?
>Shove a fluff ton of sugar into the tea and dump buckets of ice down the glass like a southerner
@bill33: >Throw the tea at Prince Coke
@bill33: Run home and quickly grab another cup of tea and scones.
Proceed to have picnic by yourself.
@bill33: Say yes
Get arrested
@bill33: >Wake up in hospital and proceed to have berserker rage and break out.
Unsure of what to do, sit on the curb and wait.
> start the cameo apocalypse by adding the past 10 commanders as cameos
...Is this comic still a thing?
You still there?
Me: Hello! Is anybody there?

Echo: Quit talking to yourself!
Hey guys. Sorry the comic just kind of dropped off. I've had a really busy semester and have barely had time for myself, let alone Cup of Olea. I don't want to quit this project yet, though. When I get time, I'll get back to it!
In the meantime, I've got a Youtube channel that you all can watch. I'm still kinda new at this so if anyone does watch something and if anybody has a tip please write it in the comments.

You can check it out here:
Umm... Let's play another game while we wait!
Let's see... *Flips through pages*
Aha! Here we go! Text based RPG style game!

>Insert a character to participate
@Mopwop: >A normal guy by the name of Melvin.
@:-) Did you miss me? No.: You suddenly appeared in a field of grass. After getting over the fact that your opening is way too cliche, you notice the giant sword lying in front of you.

>Inset action here
>Rub face against it ALMOST as firmly as possible.
@Nekotive: You take the sword, press it to your cheek, and start rubbing. The sword makes a small scratch that starts bleeding. "Ow..." You say. You look around immediately for a doctor.

>Insert action here
@Mopwop: Find Dr. No.
@Guest: You look around for Dr. No's office. Fortunately, it's easy to find. After all, the giant sign saying "Dr. No Hospital" is kinda hard to miss. You walk inside and ask him for some medicine for your cut, which is now bleeding profusely.
"No." he says.

>Insert action here
>Dr No And You:
Melt into the ground and become a eggplant.
@guesty: Suddenly, you feel heat all around you. You look at your hands and discover they're turning purple.
You feel yourself melting into the ground. Right when you are about to hit the floor, you hear a loud "Pop!"
Everything is black.

>Insert action here
@Mopwop >Wake up in your bed at home, realizing you were on crack the day before. You still have the sword in your hands.
find mastercomic
Watch as suddenly, your home and bed and everything you have, but the sword and your clothes, become sort of like a eggplant and melt into the floor.

Also, right after that, melt into the ground with your clothes and sword, and become a eggplant.
@guesty: Suddenly, before even thinking about finding mastercomic, your home and furniture melts into the ground while becoming purple. You are smothered in purpleness.
Suddenly, you and your stuff become blue and melt into the floor.
>Die. But get reincarniated into some kind of hybrid human.
(the next chooser chooses.)
@guesty: Half Wolf/Half Man (NOT a werewolf, a literal man with wolf features like a tail, wolf ears or eyes etc.)
>Suddenly, you have turned into a furry for weird sex or whatever! Attempt to kill self, but it looks like there's no tools to kill self with, there's only weird toys, a bed, and the door's locked!
@Guest: Nope I'm out. That's not how I was thinking it would go
Welp. My game certainly took a turn while I was gone.
>You convince the demons of the realm to destroy you once more. You are now a penguin, at a cafe.
>Comic, live again
Maybe in May...
@MasterComic (too lazy to log in): Cool! Hope you'll get around to it!
@MasterComic (too lazy to log in): I'm always here. ;-)
@MasterComic (too lazy to log in): MAY-be? =P

Hopefully. Looking forward to seeing more of this nonsense. =D
A thing happens.
@Yoskichu:Actually, screw my first command! If if every other command has been done, save and eat popcorn. If not, do it anyways.
1 year later...
Is MasterComic of becomings dead?

Should we just start another pixel command comic or something while we waitings?
I'm not sure it's gonna come back anytime soon, guys. It would be cool if someone from the community started something new.

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