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Man, that was intense.

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Commanded by :-).

I'm back guys! Sorry I took so long. It took me a while to make almost every page a cool gif. I hope it was worth the wait.

I'm considering adding an Inventory/Ability option to Cup of Olea. It would be a way to see all of our items and special abilities Cliff has so they can all be used. I can't figure out the right way to do it though, so I figured maybe you guys could help. Take the survey below and let me know what you think!

Also, since this is a freaking awesome battle, I suggest that you open the page we left off on in a different window and play this song in the background.

I think that's it! Have a great day. Submit your commands below, and we left off HERE!

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You're right that was a fun fight =)
>Remove Zazoom from Zarrus's side and hug him because he knew you'd throw him and used his poison spines.
@MasterComic:Okay so I may have commanded something halfway through this fight but that was because my laptop claimed you were done uploading these. My apologies and please ignore it (if you read that one).
Look at your stats
You're dressed as a tactician, so obviously your next move must be to acquire S-Support. Start working on that with Taxi by complimenting Taxi's battle performance.
@Ultimate Yoshi: You want to marry a cybernetic horse/person?
>Do Ulti's thing but A-Support-like. Go no further. Also, don't touch the cup at all.
Hey, nice new layout!

>Having now acquired the Cup of Olea, begin the long journey back home, if that is currently a possibility.

(Hopefully this isn't a final boss with a second form...)
>eat the cup of olea
Love the layout, and the fight!

>Throw a party for having beat such a worthy foe!
@Therater2: I'm glad you enjoyed the fight! It took a lot of work. :)
> Save the game.
> Steal Zarrus's haircut for yourself. And his cape.
>Take the fire tome from Zarrus. Unfuse your tome from your sword, and fuse the two tomes together. Also, compliment everyone's performances to gain ranks.
>Put the grandmaster outfit on, with regular hair, and eat the cup of Olea.
@Guest: actually, it might be a bad idea to even try to eat the Cup. If just touching it turns you mad, eating might be a whole other monster. I'd advise against it.
@MasterComic: But Cliff's already mad because he's controlled by us so he should be fine right? It's the same logic for Twitch Plays Pokemon
@bill33: But you can digest it
>try to explain to your teammates that you have like 80 different voices in your head who force you to do things while making bacon pie to please the bacon and pie gods while dancing to please the disco gods
Changing my guest name next command probably >We did it! So this means we can get a Persona, right? If not, then do a victory jump into the air.
@bill33: I think we're beyond that stage already. "shout to the sky about flying squid creatures"(or something like that) sound familiar? it should it's literally half this comic
And boy do I love it!
@supahswag: Alright, you guys asked for it. If you won't heed my advice, you only have yourself to blame.
I think Cliff needs a psychiatrist above all else.
>Put on shades and Roooll out. They see me rolling~ They hatin...
Taxi: Transform back to horse mode, and grab Cliff, then run to the astro abyass so he can be flung into a endless pit.
Commands are closed!
No update tonight, guys. I made you a pretty cool update, I just need more time.

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