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This is really quite painful.

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Commanded by darkkirby3419.

Alright! I've got news! Er'body gather 'round! Since there appeared to be someone who posted multiple commands this batch, I did my best to pick out which ones I thought were...uh..."honestly posted" I guess you could say. I'm sorry if any guests submitted a command and it didn't go through; the person submitting more than one command kind of ruined it for you guys. (You can always try again, I'll gladly take your commands). So please, in the future, only post one command a piece so that everyone gets an equal say. You guests can however make my job easier by entering a name when you post.

Also, check out this sweet fan art, sent in by TehZomgFactor!

Speaking of pictures, I found out that ImageShack will start charging soon for their picture hosting, so I'll be making the move to Photobucket. The site won't be down, but you might find an image missing from time to time.

Let's see...what else...oh right! Submit your ONE command below (and type in a name if you're a guest)! And we left off HERE!

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throw zaloom at pepsi to get the evil duck off his face. Then feed zaloom a marshmallow.
Yeah, one is missing!

>Use any powers you have left to defeat the demon ducks
Combine the powers of Mittenshark and Zazoom, to make a baby porcupine.
@Omega Kirby: Dude, ONE command.

Cliff: >Change back to your default clothes. You look ridiculous.
I'm gonna command everyone.
>Taxi, kick the ducks and shoo them away, Katelynn, do something plot related, Zazoom, lick the paint off yourself and Taxi, Mittenshark, uh, do something, Cliff, open the door.

There. Now everything is better.
>Cliff:destroy Imageshack for charging money when they din´t before! then paint back Zazoom and taxi to their original colors!
@Omega Kirby: Um, you didn't use >, so it doesn't count, so I'll do it for you.

>Combine the powers of Mittenshark and Zazoom, to make a baby porcupine.
>Screw the plot and go crazy. >:3
> Do something sensible.
>Suddenly refuse to move from your place no matter what and blame Katelynn. If they move on without you, grab Pepsi by the hand and don't let go.
>Go to last save (Quadforce's command, the game automatically saved on that command.)
Also why does Zaloom sound so much like Zazoom? There's only one letter changed..
>See what is on top of the roof.
Punch taxi in the face, Knight Game II style.
>Remind yourself to give Taxi your phone number.
Escape the comic panel and attack the army of idiot guests
>Cuddle the baby porcupine!
Commands are closed!

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